Best Mass and Weight Gainers for Men and Women

Top 10 Best Mass and Weight Gainers

Contrary to the popular demand for supplements to help you lose weight, there are many people who are trying to do the opposite. They have trouble putting on muscle and are trying to make their body physique larger, not smaller. A mass gainer supplement helps these ones meet their calorie and nutrition needs by adding … Read more

Best Pre-workout Supplements for Men and Women

Top 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplements

When it comes to choosing a pre-workout supplement, men and women usually have different goals in mind. Men are looking for their pre-workout supplement to do mainly one thing: help them complete their workouts strong, lift higher, or get in a couple more reps. Women, on the other hand, aren’t looking to bulk up. They … Read more

Best Protein Bars for Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Top 10 Best Protein Bars

The creation of the protein bar began with fitness enthusiasts trying to squeeze out every last bit of muscle mass they can make. Today, protein bars are used by fitness enthusiasts, amateurs, those trying to lose weight, and even the elderly trying to maintain muscle mass as they age. Protein bars have evolved over the … Read more

Best Krill Oil Supplements

Top 5 Best Krill Oil Supplements

Krill are tiny, shrimp-like animals in the sea that are eaten mostly by whales. These krill contain high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids as well as other healthy fats and people have found a way to capture them, squeeze their oil out of them and put it in a nice little capsule for us … Read more

Best Beta-Alanine Supplements

Top 5 Best Beta-Alanine Supplements

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that many people include in their pre-workout supplementation. Unlike the essential amino acids that we need to get from an outside source, non-essential amino acids are produced in the body. Our body makes beta-alanine in three different ways. It is a byproduct of the conversion of L-alanine to pyruvate, … Read more

Best BCAA Supplements for Men and Women

Top 10 Best BCAA Supplements

BCAA (or BCAA in short) have been around longer than any other supplement, and are among the most beneficial and effective supplements in any sports nutrition program for men and women. And for a good reason! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about BCAAs and their impact on muscle building, performance, recovery and … Read more

Best Creatine Supplements for Men and Women

Top 10 Best Creatine Supplements

If you’ve been anywhere near the gym or on the internet looking at the ins and outs of fitness, you’ve undoubtedly heard the word creatine. In fact, any man or woman that you notice has a well-chiseled body is probably putting creatine to work for them by regularly taking a creatine supplement. Whether you understand … Read more

Perfect Bar protein bars review

Perfect Bar Protein Bars Review

These bars sure sound arrogant, don’t they? They call themselves perfect and here is why; according to them, they include ingredients that are so fresh, you have to keep them in the fridge. The story for this protein bar begins with the father of a large family. He created the recipe with a quick whipping … Read more

RxBar protein bars review

RxBar Protein Bars Review

RxBar began with two BFF’s that saw a need for protein bars with no b.s. (It’s literally stated on their label.) They developed a paleo bar that clearly states the ingredients on the front of the packaging plain to see for everyone. They weren’t afraid to take that risk and it has done them well. … Read more

Oatmega protein bars review

Oatmega Protein Bars Review

The story behind is a sad one. The founder of the company, Trevor Ross, lost his sister to breast cancer. This traumatic event in his life made him look at food differently and was determined to eat healthier and couldn’t find a protein bar healthy enough to meet his expectations. So, he made his own … Read more